Which of the following has primary responsibility for eliminating alcohol from the bloodstream?

  A. Stomach B. Liver C. Spleen D . Both A and c

when command is transferred, then all personnel involved in the incident should be told:

  A. The Incident Commander’s cell phone number B. The limits of the Incident Commander’s scope of authority C. The qualifications of the incoming Incident Commander D. The effective time and date of the transfer

What can a DIMM use to hold data and amplify a signal just before the data is written to the module?

a. parity b. CAS c. EDO d. registers

Hybrid processors that can process 32 bits or 64 bits are known by what term?

  A:  x86 processors B:  Itanium processors C:  Dual Mode processors D:  x86-64 processors

What type of processor memory is located on the processor chip (processor die)?

  A:  Level 0 cache B:  Level 1 cache C:  Level 2 cache D:  Level 3 cache

when your rear-view mirror is set to its night setting, it may hamper your ability to?

  A.) check objects to the right rear quarter B.) judge the distance of traffic behind you C.) check your blind spots D.) recover from glare to the rear